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The "EC Way" optimizes outcomes by first optimizing the health and sustainability of any student's program.

Once educational or professional goals are clearly defined, our teams work to maximize those goals in a healthy, rigorous way.

Throughout all our work, EC provides families with unparalleled cause-and-effect insights into a student's academic journey, empowering you to make informed decisions for your child's educational success.

The "EC Way"

The "EC Way"


  • Our students have attended undergrad institutions in the following distribution:

Admissions Results (Avenir) 12pt (2024).png
  • Our students have been admitted to top graduate programs at:

Harvard University

Yale University


University of Pennsylvania

Columbia University

University of Chicago

HEC Paris

Cornell University

Northwestern University


UC Berkeley



  • EC has perfected a process of efficient and high-volume preparation:


of our students submit at least a 1400 SAT or 31 ACT


submit scores in the top 2nd percentile (1500+ SAT or 33+ ACT)

  • On AVERAGE our students increase 31 percentile points, ending in the top 7th percentile:

Student Progress Graphic 1 (Avenir).png

Our Results

Our Results

EC specializes in academic acceleration tailored to our students' organizational and learning needs, over a wide range of subjects.

Our goal is to supplement (rather than repeat) academic work, thereby maximizing student independence.

For a full list of our services please visit:

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